Retrocms news October 2016

Posted 2016-10-26 20:55:14

What is new in RetroCMS

Long time update

After a long time of inactivity, I have recently spent some time on the RetroCMS project. In this post I will tell more about what has been done so far.

New front-end

But first lets talk about the front-end code that is not part of RetroCMS. In the RetroCMS repository there is an example front-end installed with RetroCMS to make installation and first use a little easier. Most of the changes done recently only affect the front-end and not directly RetroCMS. I have realised that developing a CMS back-end without having an front-end or at least a very clear idea about what the front-end should do and may look like, is very hard or maybe even impossible. So to support the development of RetroCMS as well as my own site,, I have decided to create another repository to hold the front-end code that I use on The repository is called RetroScope on github and does not contain any code so far. But a migration of the example front-end included with RetroCMS will start and some preparation for this has already been done. This repository will hold the code for an example front-end that can be used with RetroCMS and the code will be used on even though the example site will not look exactly like

Visible changes

Anyway as you may have seen the look of has changed a lot. This is the biggest visible change although a small change in the code. The change that has been done is to use Bootstrap as the base for styling of the front-end. Another small change is that a delete button has been added to the article edit dialog.

What about RetroCMS

So lets talk a little about RetroCMS then. Beside that a few bugs have been fixed, the greates update has been done to the installation script. Now there is a proper installation script that guides you through the installation and creates the necessary config files as well as SQL database and tables needed to run RetroCMS.

Latest and greatest

So that is the good news for this time. The intension and focus of the recent updates has been to improve the ease of use of RetroCMS as well as improving the look and feel of the example site.

Hope you like the recent changes and if you haven't used RetroCMS, now is a good time to try it. ;-)

See ya!