Posted 2014-08-01 15:07:09

Finally, after some work on and off, today I have switched CMS on from Joomla! to my own RetroCMS.

RetroCMS is far from completed and many features remain to be implemented, but at least it has the bare minimum feature set so that I can start using it.

This also means that I can, and hope to, spend some more time writing interesting content on

The features that RetroCMS has as of today, is only to let authorized users login to write and edit articles. That's it! I can't even delete articles, without editing directly in the SQL database! :-)

Of course this means there are many features left to be implemented on the wish list that I outlined in a previous article. Read it here. One of the first feature I will implement is article categories, since this is a must have to make navigation easy.

If you want to try RetroCMS I have made all code available under GPL on github. In the readme file there is a short instruction on how to install RetroCMS, but be aware this is work in progress and RetroCMS is no way near finished and not extremelly easy to set up. Its not that hard either if you have been using some kind of CMS based on PHP and MySQL before.

Link to RetroCMS on github.

Hope to see you soon again!

// Retrocoder